Appalachian Hiking Part 1

Here is the first part of our  Appalachian hiking trip. I was a great trip the weather was perfect and the temperatures were around my favorite highs in the 60’s and low 70’s! It got cool one night the low was 35 but it warmed into the 60’s relatively quickly once the sun came up. We enjoy staying in the town of Hot Springs, NC. It is a small mountain town where the Appalachian Trail crosses through town so it makings hiking the AT easy!. We enjoy staying at the Mountain Magnolia Inn we will just get the garden house for our entire stay. We also typically invite family to come along with us so the house makes it nice. I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease so we will bring food with us to make it easier for meals. We did discover that the restaurant there in town has a couple employees with Celiac disease so they can prepare gluten-free food! I will be going there next on next years trip. Hopefully, My brother-in-law can make next years trip and we can get in a couple long hikes. I am looking to plan a hike from Max Patch back to town. Then the next one will be from the east parking area back to town assuming we are not too tired for the second hike and we have enough time.

Here is the first short hike. I took a 2-hour video and cut it down to about 8.5 minutes. The next video should be much better. I have about 5 hours of footage to edit so it might be a couple posts assuming it has some good content. It also takes FOREVER to edit video footage when it gets that long. It seems like I spend the most time trying to edit video, export it and upload to youtube! Well here is the first hike.

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Hiking the AT West out of Hot Springs, NC

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