AT Hiking Part 3!

This hike we decided to just hike the trail right out of town! Which is on the sidewalk until after you cross the French Broad River!. Then it is a really nice walk along the river until you make a left and start up to the ridgeline. This hike has nice views it passes through Lovers Leap ridge which I think is just the narrow cliff trail along the ridge above the river! It has a few overlooks which I have captured some of in the video below. It was a steep climb from the river up to Lovers Leap ridge. It is a rocky area that you wind up and around some large boulders. This area seems very well traveled all though we only come across 3 other hikers while we were out on this part of the trail. It does by far have the best views and is more of what one would expect to see out in the Appalachian Mountains! I cannot wait until next year. I think we will do a more eastern hike next time maybe try to cover 20 – 30 miles east of Hot Springs via the AT!

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Below is the Youtube video of this Hike shortened of course!

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