BetaFlight 3.2.4 OSD flickering like MAD

I went through the upgrade process of updating the Kakute F4 V2 flight controller to BetaFlight 3.2.4 and while doing it wanted to use the 32 KHz sampling as explained by Joshua Bardwell here. After updating to Betaflight 3.2.4 which BTW I forgot to do a diff command and keep all my original settings 🙁 I managed to get everything all set up. I then went out to hover and see the OSD flickering like the below video.

From there I just checked the OSD after every change until it flickered. That is how I managed to figure out it is the setting set cpu_overclock = ON that causes the OSD to start flickering.

Hopefully, Joshua Bardwell will have an answer or can alert the programmers! We will see what happens I will share this as a comment on his video and hope for a response! If you have not watched his videos they are very informative and “You will learn something!” :-O Anyone that is interested in the hobby can learn how things work and how to build by just watching his videos.

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  1. Thank you, I have a flickering osd on a new cinebee and have been searching for a simple fix that doesn’t involve rewiring grounds or adding a cap. Hopefully this is the answer.

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