DnD Castle Dice roller print! Going to be a GREAT GIFT for someone in the Family! I wonder WHO???

I have been really enjoying the 3d printer. I have started to print some Christmas and Birthday gifts! Look out Family you will probably be getting a 3d printed gift! I found this Castle on https://www.thingiverse.com/ where you can find all kinds of amazing things people have designed and put the STL files out for you to download. You need those files to load into Slic3r to produce the gcode file that will load into the printer to print the objects. Here is the time-lapse video of it printing.

Here are the stairs time-lapse. This was a really cool print!

This is the complete base that it all sits on.

I lost track of exactly how long it took to print it all. Rough guess from the length of the time-lapse videos:
Castle Towers: 33 hours
Stairs: 14 hours
Base: 8.5 hours
Total Print: 55.5 hours

Here are the Grey version time-lapse videos.


The last video is of it in action! It works well for what it does. The only thing I would change about the design would be to raise the stair walls or slow the dice some coming out of the stair doors. They will sometimes fly across the table. Other than that it works perfectly the couple times I have put the 20 sided die through it. I am wondering if the person of whom this gift will be given will see this post? HUMMM will it ruin the surprise? Oh well, we will see!

Its been great fun until next time “Keep on Making Things!!”

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