First FPV flight! Broke the VTX pigtail but flew on!

Well, here it is my first attempt at flying FPV. I think I did a good job! I managed to go through the gate a couple times and flew over it a few times. I am calling it a success for my first time flying FPV! I did crash and broke my VTX pigtail (the video transmitter cable from the transmitter to the antenna) and had to patch it back together to keep flying. That is why I lose video A LOT. I cut a lot of that out of the video below but it was the cause of a couple crashes because I would panic without video. It would come back after a couple seconds so I learned to just try and keep flying until it comes back.


The above is a compilation of the days flying. What you see in the video is exactly what I am seeing when flying thus the first person view flying. Below is an edited version of what the stationary GoPro¬†at the date was seeing. I did not get much good footage on the GoPro I had not realized the battery was dead… It does have a few crashes and the one where I smashed the gate head on!


This was a blast and I cannot wait to give it another attempt. I hope to be ready to race by the start of the new racing season. I think that will be in the spring. I think I will be building a nice Freestyle drone once I can fly well enough to do some freestyle tricks. That or make this drone a freestyle drone and build a lightweight racing drone! either way, it will be FUN FUN FUN!

Until my next post! God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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