Next print underway! Red rose being printed!

I am printing a red rose while I design my next print in openScad. This is looking really good as well. I am printing the top of the flower now wishing I had some green for the stem of the flower…. I think I will just use the top to create a paperweight. That should look really cool sitting on someone’s desk! 🙂 Here is how it’s looking so far 3.5 hours into the 8.5-hour print. LOL now I see why you would want 2 printers. Can keep them both busy at the same time. I think the next print will be really cool. I will share more about it once I have the design is done and its printing.

I thought… I did a GoPro video of how to remove the print from the bed but I must not have hit record…. BOOO so I will try and get this one on video. This printer makes it SO easy to remove the print from the bed with the magnetic PEI bed. You just lift it off the magnetic bed and bend it to release the print. It’s just that easy!!!



Finished 3d printed rose looks great!

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