Owl 5inch first flight after build

I got to take the new build up for its maiden flight and I have to say it fly’s great. I wish my skills were are good as it is! 🙂 It did have some oscillation at full throttle but pat told me how to fix the issue by reducing the P by 10 on the Pitch and Roll. I will do that and then be able to some full throttle punch outs! That should be an easy fix to just get in BetaFlight or through the on-screen display and lower the values! I did crash a couple times but nothing was hurt in any of the crashes and a couple was hard. I hit the gate hard and it did not break anything so I think this build will be a nice and reliable one for sure. Below is the video not too exciting but it was fun.

As you can see I am not ready for the track…. I just need to practice, practice, practice! Hopefully, soon I will be good enough to go try out the track.


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