Scotland Road Trip Itinerary – Day 2 – Part 2 of 8

Scotland Road Trip Day 2

Part 1 of the blog

After a good nights sleep, we are off on our adventure. We purchased the Bed and Breakfast rate at the hotel so that provides us breakfast and dinner. I have celiac disease so I have to be careful about what I eat. I typically have a spinach and cheese omelet for breakfast since that is cooked in its own pan without cross-contamination from a grill. I always let the server know that I have to be gluten-free and I carry lots of snacks and tuna with me when I travel so just in case I need to eat something I brought. This trip was really surprising in that all of my servers seemed really knowledgeable about Celiac / Gluten-free needs. I am not certain if the allergy guidelines are much stricter there or what but I was really happy!

Brodie Castle

Brodie CastleBrodie Castle Kids AreaThis was the first stop on our first day of sightseeing. It was the farthest from the hotel so I would get some driving practice in over the 23 miles to the castle. Most of these places will not allow you to take pictures or video inside so I just have outside shots.

Brodie Castle

The inside contains lots of art from Dutch Old Masters to modern watercolors. They also let you know that this place was home to over 400 varieties of daffodils!

This is a really beautiful estate with many areas to walk around and see the well-maintained land. They also have a kids area called Playful Garden. It also has an entry fee just like the Castle. It had several families in there enjoying the day and the giant rabbit!

Brodie Castle Kids Area

Road trip timelapse for this drive


Brodie Countryfare

This is a store and restaurant that is just down the road from the Castle. My wife loves to browse the gift shops and stores on all of our trips so this was a great stop. The store had lots and lots to look at so we enjoyed the walk around the shop. The food was great as well so it would be a great stop for lunch and some Scottish treasures!

Timelapse from Brodie Castle to Brodie Countryfare. Short drive!


Culloden Battle Field

This is where the Jacobite rising of 1745 came to a tragic end for many Scottish Clans. You can go into the visitors center and see lots of relics from this time not to mention the immersive battle room. This room is where the video of the battles played on the walls around you so it feels like your in the middle of the battle. The British appear on one wall and the Jacobites on the other then the come together to fight. It seems like the Jacobites brought knives to a gun/cannon fight it was not good for them.

You can then walk around the battlefield and see all of the Clan stones as well as the positions of the soldiers. it was a really interesting walk thinking about all the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for their causes. One of the displays in the visitors center shows you the movement of all the troops and how the Scotts were just overwhelmed.

Timelapse from Brodie Countryfare to Culloden

Clava Cairns

This is a prehistoric cemetery said to be about 4000 years old. You can walk around here and see the position of the stones to create places to walk into. It was an interesting place to see for sure.

Timelapse to Clava Cairns

Macdonald Drumossie Hotel

This is where we spent 3 nights in Inverness. It is a really nice hotel with nice quiet rooms. It is set away from town a little so its surroundings are quiet and are easy to get in and out of. We got the bed and breakfast rate so we had breakfast and dinner here. The restaurant is located on the ground floor and had several good options. The service is slow so do not get in any hurry when having dinner. I think it was a 2-hour event all 3 nights. I would stay there again if in the area.

Timelapse Clava Cairns to Macdonald Drumossie

Equipment list used for travels

GoPro Hero 7 Black x2
GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery
Amazon Basics GoPro Case
Ravpower 32000mAh Battery pack 6A output
Ravpower 26800mAh Battery pack 5.5A output
Steel Tether Lanyard
USB to USB-C Cables to power GoPros on long drives
International Wall Mount Travel Charger with Outlets

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