Texas Spiny Lizard in the yard

My wife and I were out planting flowers in the backyard when she noticed a lizard. I ran in and grabbed my camera with the 300 mm zoom lens to snap some photos. I used google lens on my phone to figure out what he is and he’s a Texas Spiny Lizard He is a good size lizard just hanging out on the tree in our backyard.

This guy was a little nervous about the attention but I managed to get a few cool shots! I have noticed him in the backyard a few times now. We enjoy the geckos and rock lizards hanging out around the house. They manage to eat lots of the annoying bugs that try to get in when you open the door! We will set a bug light on the inside patio window to draw insect onto the window. The gecko will congregate near the light to eat. It is an interesting sight to watch them feed on moths. Here is a pic of the light in the window and if you look closely above the light is the belly of a gecko. 🙂 Ignore my mess of shoes and socks in the floor… LOL

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