Trip out to watch fun fly.

I went out to check out the Fort Worth FPVΒ it was a great group of guys and some really great flying. I learned several things and the MAIN ONE is that I am not ready to race….LOL. I still need to get set up to fly FPV but watching those folks fly that track was cool. I think I can take something from my RC racing days and say that sometimes slow is fast. The track was tight and low.. or it looked like it to me but I am not positive since I have yet to be on one. I can say that it winds through some mesquite trees where the limbs were low I would guess 3-4ft off the ground in places. You can watch the video below for actual footage from one of the pilots. It was cool to watch these guys practice. I cannot wait until I am able to join in the fun! πŸ™‚ They have some really fast quads out there and know how to fly them. I did see several crashes but I think that is just part of trying to get faster and better. I assume once I have the ability to get on the track I will be doing the same trying to shave seconds off and cut my corners as close as possible which sometimes it too close. I am excited to start giving it a go.

Here is some footage of one of the really fast guys… unknowingly hitting someone fixing a gate. You can see how fast these things can move and what precision it takes to pilot along the track.


Here is my gopro footage from the day. Again I forgot to charge my GoPro batteries….. πŸ™

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