First Blog post!

I would just like to start off with this is my first blog post! I would like to just share my thoughts, some pictures, videos, how to guides and I am sure some rambling’s! I hope you enjoy what I share.

A little about me. I am a software engineer in the DFW area working for a healthcare software company. I love to run, I love technology and learning new things. I enjoy some philosophical conversations. I enjoy hearing other peoples ideas and sharing my own. I am just starting to get into drones so I thought this would be a wonderful experience to start a blog about. I have talked about starting a blog for the last 10 years but just never did…. It seems like that can happen where you say I should do XXX then the next thing you know its years later and XXX never happened. Well, this was it…. XXX is happening so here it goes!

I have a couple posts I will do over the next few days maybe the end of the week but I wanted to give a shout out to this is where I will build my first drone!! It looks like they have a few open spots still available if anyone in the DFW area is interested. You can check it out here. Really great group of people with some interesting tools to learn how to use! 3D printing, Vinyl cutter, Laser cutter/ Engraver classroom. I would also like to thank Pat for letting me check out his drones and watching him fly through the FPV goggles. It is going to be a blast learning to fly and I hope to share that experience on here. I will have a post of me unboxing everything to prepare for the drone build and fly! I hope to be able to set up the GoPro and video the actual build but we will see how that goes. I would also like to give a shout out to Brian for showing me around the lab and recommending some of the drones paraphernalia “AKA radio, charger, batteries…etc”

Well until the next post have a great week!

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