First Print after the 3d printer build!

The first thing that we printed after the Prusa i3 MK3 kit build was a Raspberry Pi case!. This build is really amazing they have some of the best documentation I have seen! This thing prints so smooth and quiet. I cannot wait to start designing and printing other things. The really cool part is a lot of the parts of the printer were printed using one of these printers! How COOL is that? It went together really smooth just follow the detailed instructions online with updated comments to help! I would definitely recommend this printer if you are looking for the best printer under 1k. I would venture to say the best printer under 2K… If this thing keeps working like it did with these prints it will be really amazing. The case that is printing there looks great and fit together like a glove! I am wondering what I should print next? Anyone have any ideas leave a comment below. I am thinking a webcam stand so that I can connect a webcam to the Raspberry Pi / Octo Print and monitor a print from anywhere and/or take time-lapse shots of the print! How cool does that sound? This seems like a great hobby and should fit will with flying drones. Now to just get over the learning curve! I think I will start with a few prints from Then build up to designing and printing my own things. Hopefully, I can do a more detailed blog about printing. I need to learn a bit more about what I am doing first! I predict you will see several more printing blogs in the near future. 🙂

Here is a short video clip of the printer in action.

I am sure this weekend will have some 3d printing fun happening! Until the next post “keep on making things!”

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