Fourth trip out flying …progress seems way to slow….

This was my fourth trip out flying 2 batteries per trip so my 6th set of batteries of my drone experience! I do not feel much better about my abilities. I still have yet to fly in a circle or turn the drone much without losing orientation and feel panic set in… I am hopeful that flying FPV will be much better than flying “line of sight”. I hope to go out to some drone races this weekend just to observe others flying and maybe get some tips. I will try to remember to take the GoPro and grab some footage.

I need to replace the receiver and VTX in this drone. It looks like the receiver shorted out or something… No lights on it and it gets really hot with battery power. I do not see any obvious issues like crossed wire or solder joint. I also thought it could have been a loose component of the receiver but I do not see anything so I have ordered a replacement and a new VTX so once those come in I will be back in the air.

I think I will change the orientation of where the receiver is mounted and also where the VTX is mounted. The receiver was tucked back by the camera and was not zip tied to anything so I am wondering if the vibrations got to it somehow. I think I am learning that with drones and the carbon fiber frames you need to secure and protect everything from shorting out, vibration and g-forces. I am looking forward to learning to fly this drone so that my next build will be a little better constructed and faster! I feel like I am getting a little smarter now in how I should orientate things in the stack but still not certain the best way. I think what I will do with the receiver is move the receiver wires out the top. Then shrink wrap and electrical tape it as added protection from vibration. Then maybe zip tie it to the top of the battery plate. The VTX I will do similarly but pat and I learned that you can flip the top plate and mount it a little better that way. It will also be zip tied to the top plate. I am also looking for a stubby antenna so as to protect this VTX from impacts with the ground! We will see how this all goes fingers crossed.

Not a lot to say about these videos. I did switch to Horizon mode and do a couple flips. I did try a double flip and manage to pull it off without crashing. 🙂 Still really tame by most standards. The end crash the action camera pops off…. that’s what happens when you have to zip tie it on…LOL Once I am flying in goggles I will be able to record via the goggles DVR port which is my understanding is not HD but at least you can see what I see. I am looking forward to being able to try this! We will see how soon that is….

OnBoard Video


GoPro on ground

Until Next time! I hope you can return from “The Dot of Despair!” 🙂

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