GoPro Hero 6 black Part 2 Returned!

Well, the GoPro Hero 6 Black had issues….. I thought as we were packing for vacation I had better try this camera out. I thought I have never had a go pro so I might want to try and get a little familiar with how it works so I do not mess up any vacation footage. Well, it is a good thing I did because it did not work properly at the 4k 60 setting. It would only show the very first frame when starting to record. It would then record all of the audio but the video would not record. I tried several times and it just would not work. It would kind of work at the lower resolution of 1080 240 but even then it had lines running across the video.

I thought I would call Amazon to see if they could get a replacement next day delivered and I would just get it replaced. They could not get a next day delivery out for the replacement so I just went with the refund since it could not make it before we left for vacation. The good news is I could just take the Hero 5 since it worked just fine. I do have some hiking footage to post once I have edited the video down to just a few highlights. 🙂 I have to say the return process with Amazon was really good. I actually did the first go online thinking maybe I would have an option for shipping. It did not give the option for expedited shipping so I had to follow up with a call. On the call, I explained that I would do a replacement if they could get the new one out to me next day and they told me it would be 2 days at best and then the second day would be a window in the afternoon. I then said, “Just give me a refund” Which they processed easily. I was sent an email with the shipping label to send back the Hero 6. I just printed this label found another Amazon box from another shipment and put the Hero 6 into that. I then attached all the labels which were the main UPS label and 2 lithium battery warning labels. Then later that afternoon I took that box to the local Zipit postal center and they scanned it for shipping. A few minutes after they scanned it my Amazon app popped up the refund notice. I also might add that I do have the Amazon credit card so maybe that made the process simpler. I am not certain if the process would have been as smooth for a non-amazon card refund.

Well, I am still undecided on if I want to replace the Hero 6 with a new one or just use the one hero 5. I might just get another hero 5 instead of the hero 6. I did like the added features available on the Hero 6 but I am not certain I want to risk trying again… Maybe go with the Hero 6 after they have worked the bugs out?

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