About to challenge myself to post 1 blog a week about learning .net Core 2

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I have started working on a new team at work so I have started learning .net core 2.0 for the web service I am creating. I need to get up to speed as quickly as possible so I thought that if I make myself post at least 1 topic a week on what I have learned in .net core 2 and API programming it will force me to stay on track to absorb as much as possible. The idea of .net core 2 with the use of dependency injection and the model, controller architecture are all new to me. 99% of the code I have been responsible for is legacy C# code that is relatively tightly coupled code that hardly has application layer so this will be a new mindset that I need to start thinking really in terms of application layers, decoupling of code and dependency injection. It should be a great learning experience hopefully my old brain can remember and absorb as much as possible. I would love to become a master of C# and web API programming. I am typically the jack of all trades. This new team should give me the ability to totally focus on C#. This will be a welcome change to finally be able to master something! I am excited to dig in deeper and start learning.

I have just ordered a couple books to start the learning process. Pro ASP.NET Core MVC 2, .NET Core 2.0 By Example these seem like a couple great books to start out with. The plan is to work through them like a college course. The book NET Core 2.0 By Example has you build applications as you learn so that should reinforce what I am learning. I am also hoping that committing to just posting at minimum one blog per week about what I am learning and coding will help me that much more. We will see how this all works out and hopefully you can follow along as I learn! I am a learner by nature so I really enjoy knowing how things work as well as understanding why they work that way. I was one of those kids to took things apart and for the most part got them back together. I even helped build the hotrod engine in my 68 Chevy short bed truck with the Charles Patton who was a great drag racer and engine builder. I then rebuilt that motor solo when I was 18 and someone blew it up for me… It seems I have always been mechanically inclined and can typically see the logic behind things. This should be an interesting adventure. Until we dig in here is the classic beginning programmer program!

With that, I will leave you to it. Hopefully, you will hear more from me in this category real soon! until next time “Keep on Making Things!!”

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