NewBee Drone flying in the house

I recently purchased a AcroBee this has been a really great flying and fun little drone to fly in the house. I have been so busy around the house and working on starting a side project. More info to come on that … to fly my 5-inch drone. This little guy has been just right for flying around in the house and the backyard. It lets me enjoy flying without having to leave the house. I do not feel like flying my 5-inch drone would be a good idea in my neighborhood. That thing could really hurt someone if it somehow fell out of the sky and hit them. It could also tear up some property if it hit that so I prefer to at least go to a big open field near the house when flying it. That means packing up and driving with this little tiny whoop all I need to do is sit on the couch or on the back patio to fly. It has been a real blast I have to say! Here are a couple videos of my recent flights. I have managed to do a couple flips without crashing. 🙂 I hear that these little batteries do not last very long so we will see how that goes. It does have brushed motors as well so I assume those will need to be replaced after some time. I have already ordered a spare set so once they need to be replaced its just a matter of doing it. I think I would like to race at some point once I have a little more skill at hitting gaps. It does seem to fly really nice so if anyone is wondering how well it flys I would give it a 4 just because when flying hard the batteries do loose voltage quickly. Then it takes a lot of throttle to change directions or recover from a quick flip. I will have to post more once I have several more flights under my belt.


I try a couple flips and rolls. I still have trouble with this drone because it takes so much throttle to recover from moves. It also started giving me a little trouble with pitching back when trying to go back level.


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  1. Have you tried the Project Mockingbird stuff? It helped my Eachine QX65 whoop quite a bit. They have all sorts of Betaflight settings to configure, but I’d imagine Newbeedrone already does a good job there.

    They also recommend settings on the Taranis. They have you mix some throttle in with your pitch and roll sticks. I believe it is set up so a full stick deflection will add 30% throttle. It might help with your flips and rolls!

    1. I have not seen the Mockingbird stuff. I will have to check that out. We need to get together and fly sometime. That is what I really like about the tiny whoop I can just fly around in the house.

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