3d Printing a “Merry Christmas” sign.

My wife was wanting me to design and print a Merry Christmas sign since the red filament looks so Christmas like! I come up with the idea to design the letters so they have a little dow on the base to hold them on a nice stained board. I am hoping to find a nice board to stain and drill the holes in it to hold these letters or anything with the same size dow. Maybe this will be part of her change of the seasons in the house! 🙂 We will see so far I have 2 letters designed and printing.

I had to design the little legs to use as supports for the dows. I will just trim those off after the print is complete! Learning as I go lol!!! It has been a blast so far. Maybe next I will get into designing and printing some of the props from movies like maybe Star Wars! I can see a possible lightsaber or some laser gun in my future… BAHAAHAHHA! Oh maybe this is a nice excuse to get the multi-material upgrade? Hummm…. ideas ideas ideas! It would be really cool to be able to print several colors or support material in one print! That might make the design of the movie props lots easier… I am not sure but until then I will just keep on learning.

Its been great fun until next time “Keep on Making Things!!”

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