First drone flight!

This is a video of my first attempt at flying. With the controller that I purchased, it is possible to connect it to the computer via a USB cable. Then using the simulator software Liftoff you can configure and fly a drone just as if you were using it in real life! This is my very first attempt at opening the software and flying so forgive some of the random clicking around and selection of the drone. I was trying to figure out a drone that was close to what I will be building…. I thought that would be the best way to practice before flying the real thing!

The configuration of the controller was a bit tricky for someone who has never used the aircraft version of the RC controller. I did find this video on how to flash the firmware which fixed the issues I had by following this guide which must have missed a step since the control would not turn on after flashing. I did after updating the firmware follow the in-game guide to add the Taranis X9D+ win controller. which is found here. You just need to follow the steps to allow the controller to show up preconfigured in Liftoff. I then in the beginning of this video select that preconfigured controller.

I think my main issue with this flight was being able to see. The camera angle on the drone I chose seems to be pointing too far up, but maybe I am just not used to it yet. I think I crashed a couple times just because I was trying to see where I was in the air and did not realize I was so close to the ground. I also lost control once and went what I thought was up but ended up being down into the ground. I will continue to practice in the simulator in hopes of being able to stay in the air after the drone build.

While researching the controller I come across the vlog on youtube for Project Blue Falcon This guy has LOTS of great informative posts. I used several of his videos and I am sure I will watch several more. I watched his Liftoff review he can really fly. I looked at his video list and noticed that he had not posted a video in about 3 months. I know he mentioned in the last video that he would be posting more info about a topic and I was looking forward to watching it. I then discovered in the comments that he was killed in a motorcycle accident and that the video I had just watched was the last one he posted. I read over some of the comments and watched a few video tributes to him. Everyone describes him as a great guy who loved the hobby and loved to help others. My prayers go out to his family and friends. He seemed like a really great guy who loved to share his knowledge and help others.

I hope to be able to share my knowledge as I learn this hobby and hopefully inspire others to share their hobby! That is what I hope to do by starting this blog about my learning to fly drones. I hope I can help someone just starting out in the hobby or maybe someone just looking to figure out an issue. It will take me some time to learn all about drones and their components but I hope to share that here. I hope to add another flight video over the next couple of days.

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