Second Drone flight in LiftOff sim software

This is my second attempt at learning to fly using the liftoff software. I found the Tutorial area and followed the guide so I discovered the “Level” setting. This setting will return the drone to level when the gimbal returns to center. Gimbals are the “Sticks” on the controller see the photo below.

Gimbals are the where the red lines point

This helped my flying a lot but it does not allow any tricks or loops which is fine for now. I do not want to get dependent on level mode to allow me to fly. I think once I am a little better at level mode I will go back to “Acro” mode. The main problem I have in this mode is once I move I cannot recover to the hover position. It is like I just get out of control. “Acro” mode is when you move the gimbal left or right and back to center, the drone remains in the position you moved it so it does not level the drone back out when the gimbal returns to center. This means that if you tilt right and return the gimbal to center the drone is still tilted right until you tilt left to level the drone out again. The video below I removed some of the parts of my flying around since it is really boring¬†to watch. It was a lot of slow flying and sometimes passing the area then trying to recover by slowing and hover then moving back to whatever area I was aiming for…. Now that I have found the guides in the liftoff simulator I will try to go through¬†all of them slowly I am certain. I hope to get to “Acro” mode soon but its not feeling good at the moment but I have been flying all of a couple hours so lol I guess I am doing OK!



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