New Tiny Whoop FuriousFPV MOSKITO 70 (FRSKY) Latest

After many hours and much effort, I could not get the FuriousFPV MOSKITO 70 (FRSKY) to fly correctly. It must have been made on Friday or Monday! It appears they discontinued it a few days ago so I assume it must not have sold very well. I research read reviews and had it recommended by a racer so I went in thinking this thing was going to be so much fun. I think it would have been if it could have flown like the videos I had seen. It would just flip out of control and shake violently. Just like this video below.

I have done everything known to man, it got better but would still randomly do things. That would cause it to crash and break something typically the plastic ducting around the props and the props. I cannot count the number of times wires would somehow desolder from the ESC, Flight Controler or other random spots. I ended up having to replace several parts before I could even attempt to return it. It is on its way back to which had great support. They offered suggestions were responsive to my emails and seemed to care about my issue. I will update once the return has been finalized. The plan is to just build one myself or find another small BNF drone. I would prefer something small with brushless motors. We will see how this all goes once the refund is final. I do not think I will have any issues since they were helpful during the entire process.

The other issue is now I have several little 300 mah and 400 mah batteries and other items that would only be used on a little drone. Hopefully, the one I replace it with will be able to use the few spare parts, batteries and props that this little one used! I am leaning towards something a little bigger or just what seems to be the normal one. I could even build a little one myself like this one.

Who knows what I will decide to do! I would just like something small that I can either fly around inside the house or around in the yard. Traveling 30- 60 minutes to fly does not allow me many opportunities to fly! With a little one, I could potentially fly every day which makes me think I would get better loads faster. This is, of course, assuming it fly and can be set up like the bigger drone. That was what led me to the FuriousFPV MOSKITO 70 (FRSKY) it has betaflight and FPV camera. It did not have an onscreen display which was a bummer but the possibility of flying inside was what got me excited!

I hope that if I do a build to just record it. I do not have good enough equipment to do the “professional” videos like some of these guys but I hope to just show the process mistakes and all. I think that would be worth new people seeing that it can be done and you are going to have trouble sometimes but in the end, it is LOTS of fun! Until next time Keep it out of the Dot of Dispair! 🙂

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