Second Real LOS Flight

This is the second time I have flown my drone since building it. I managed to find a field close to my neighborhood where I could practice flying. I am still just doing the basics learning controls and flying out, up, down and hovering. You can see the footage that I am not all that smooth just yet. Still working on it but I do feel like I am getting a bit better each time I fly. I still wish I was at the point of flying in “Acro” mode but I am not there yet. I am still flying in “Level” mode. While out flying this time I crash HARD @3:57. I had lost sight of the drone enough that orientation was an issue, I thought that I was facing another way when I was actually still facing away from me. I then pulled hard back on the stick and dove quickly in reverse into the ground. The drone tumbles for 20 feet or so I then just walk out and grab it. I looked the props over and  I started walking back towards my truck checking the props, bell, and arms. One prop was bent really good but it straightens back out easily enough. I also checked all the motors bells and arms. I noticed when I was nearing the truck that someone else had pulled up and gotten out and was standing beside my truck. When I got back he said “Hello” and I said, “Hows it going?” He said, “I just stopping to see the drone.” We talked for a bit and I informed him that I had just started trying to learn to fly. He gave me a few tips and checked out the drone for me. He was a really nice guy and gave me some great info. He asked me where is your VTX? I then noticed that it was missing from the rear of the drone… After we finished talking I walked around the field where I thought the crash happened and could not find it. When I got back home I reviewed the GoPro footage and notice that the crash happened about even with the light pole with the impact being about 20 foot toward the tree line and right facing the way I was flying. It was well after dark by this time so I thought I would go check during my morning run the next morning. I went on my morning run and ran over to the field. It took me a while to find the impact spot but I eventually found it and searched the area. Just when I was about to give up I seen the Antenna without the VTX attached. Then I noticed that part of the VTX was attached it had snapped the board…

This is what is left of the VTX!

GoPro Footage

Onboard Footage

I still have long ways to go but I think every little bit of practice helps. I cannot wait to start flying FPV. I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂

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