Drone through a trash can lid at the park

While flying at Oak Point park with Pat and Mike I decided to attempt flying into the trash can. LOL Below is the video of that a couple attempts. If I could get to where I can do that at will then I would be able to hit any drone gate. It was fun getting out to fly after a couple weeks of rain and cold. The New 5 inch racing drone build has been a GREAT drone to fly. It has been very durable with the crashes I have had. It also flys very well with the default Betaflight tune. If you are going to be flying hard it will need a little bit of tuning to take care of the oscillations but for a learning to fly drone this has be great. I am getting to the point where I could tune it a little but for now, I am trying to fly low and slow.


Below is a video of me watching Pat fly through a small gap in the tree from my drone.


It was a very fun day of flying below is a video of me flying around some trees. I just wanted to practice trying to maneuver around the something.

I am getting better that is for sure. I would like to build another racing drone but might wait a bit before I decide on what to build. I enjoy building as much as flying…… If I could only figure out a way to build and someone else pay lol. Maybe some kind of raffle style giveaway. Who knows but I am having some fun. I cannot wait for the 3D printer to get here. It should ship late March early April. Well, until next time keep it out of the trash can! 🙂

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